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Author: Rosie Fuller

Over the next few months we’re exploring the best hikes in the world. Next up, we take a look at what has been described as one of the most impressive mountain ranges in Romania, The Fagaras Mountains…

Trekking Negoiu Peak, The Fagaras Mountains, Romania
Photo: Alex Schwartz

Romania is fairly undiscovered for hiking, by Brits anyway, but those who do make it find wild and beautiful landscapes with mountains, deep valleys and picturesque lakes.

The Fagaras Mountains are the longest continuous ridge in the Carpathians (the mountain range that forms an arc across Central and Eastern Europe), and the highest and largest mountains in Romania.

Near Balea, The Fagaras Mountains, RomaniaPhoto: Paul Bica

The spine of the Fagaras Mountains goes 70km (43 miles) from west to east, rarely dropping below 2,000m, and includes the highest mountain in Romania, Moldoveanu at 2,544m, and the equally renowned, spectacularly rocky, second-highest mountain Negoiu, just behind at 2,535m.

Hiking the whole ridge takes around six days (take a tent) and is wild paradise.

Intro photo: mugurelm