Tentipi camping

9 photos that prove just how awesome the tipi life is

Author: Naomi Dunbar

You have to admit it – there’s just something cool about a tipi. Sure, tents do their job and don’t get me wrong, here at Adventure Travel we are big fans of a good old camping trip in a tent, but they just don’t look as awesome. Am I right?

Just in case you needed some persuasion, we teamed up with our Nordic friends at Tentipi to find nine photos that prove how awesome the tipi life is. We just know these will make you want to stay in a tipi this summer

1. They’ll go just about anywhere…

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Designed to battle the elements, you can take your tipi on all types of adventures.

2. Cosy in all weather…

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Casting back to our Nordic routes, tipis are designed to offer warmth while still being breathable to keep you feeling comfortable for longer.

3. Let it burn…

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One of our favourite things about tipis is the fact that you can safely have an open fire inside. The cone-like shape of the tent allows the smoke to be pulled up and out of the top, while fresh air is drawn in from underneath.

4. Now, this just looks like bliss…

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No matter where your adventure takes place, a tipi tent will happily follow you wherever you go and will offer you a comfortable place to rest your head.

5. Big enough to fit a double bed…

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Tipis are great for fitting a group of people in for a sleepover, or if you’d like the creature comforts for yourself, there’s plenty of room to fit a double bed.

6. Channel your inner Nordic routes…

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Staying in a tipi allows you to truly connect with your Nordic routes and therefore, feel completely at one with nature. For us, there is no greater happiness.

7. Coolest tent on the campsite…

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Let’s face it, they just look darn cool. You’ll be the envy of other campers in your beautiful tipi tent.

8. Blend in with nature…

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Tipi tents have a natural and non-offensive look to them, so when wild camping off-the-beaten-track, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your camping attire doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb on the horizon.

9. Room for a party…

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Another great benefit about the tipi’s design is space. Plenty of ground room along with a good amount of head height means you can entertain comfortably in your tipi tent.

If, like us, you’re totally in love with the look, feel and benefits of a Nordic tipi, then you should head over to the Tentipi website to browse the company’s excellent range of adventure tents. From the humble and lightweight five people tents, the specious and roomy 15 people tents and everything in between, you’ll find the perfect tipi tent to fit your adventure needs.

The company also has an incredible range of tipi accessories such as log burners, drying rails and porches, to help keep you comfortable and cosy.