Wired For Adventure Volume 19 – Bike Travel Edition


“I wanted to go and find somewhere in the world where I could discover a point of extremeness.”

– Nick Sanders, Record-breaking adventurer and WFA Volume 19 Cover Star

Welcome to Volume 19 of Wired For Adventure, The Bike Travel Edition.

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Introducing Wired For Adventure Volume 19: The Bike Travel Edition

Pack up your panniers and explore the world on two wheels in Volume 19 of Wired For Adventure magazine. This issue is packed with awe-inspiring stories, captivating interviews, helpful practical advice, and jaw-dropping destinations designed to satisfy your thirst for adventure.

What’s inside the Bike Travel Edition of Wired for Adventure?

The volume of Wired For Adventure is all about exploring the world on two wheels. From bikepacking around Ireland to setting world records on Round The World epics, we’ve packed this volume of Wired For Adventure with a collection of features, interviews, and practical advice that’ll have you packing your panniers and heading out on the open road.

Inside, we spoke to Nick Sanders about his exciting attempt to become the first person to ride around the world on an e-bike as well as his storied history of travelling around the world on two wheels. In this interview, you’ll learn what it takes to realise your dreams, how things have changed since Nick first rode around the world, and what such an epic undertaking involves.

Also in WFA Volume 19…

  • Interview: Meet Nick Sanders, the record-setting and breaking long-distance cyclist who’s attempting to become the first person to ride around the world on an e-bike.
  • Trailblazers: Discover the amazing story of Ian Hibbel, who became the first person to cycle through the formidable Darien Gap.
  • Meet Thor Pedersen, the globetrotting Dane who became the first person to visit every country on earth without flying.
  • Learn how to choose the best bike for cycle touring and what to take with you.
  • Ride Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.
  • Switzerland: Discover the best cycling adventures in Valais.
  • Conquer the Badger Divide in Scotland.
  • Have the ride of your life in Tucson, Arizona.
  • Uncover the remarkable story of Daniel Burgi, who went from curious backpacker to cycling over the world’s highest mountain passes in aid of vulnerable children.
  • Trek to Makalu Base Camp.
  • Tour the best multi-day cycling routes in the UK and Europe.
  • Pick out a treat from the best luxury cycling gear.

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