Wired For Adventure Volume 21 – Hiking Edition


“Get acquainted with the depth of your power, because it’s much more than what you think.”

– Wim Hof, Extreme Athlete and WFA Volume 21 Cover Star

Welcome to Volume 21 of Wired For Adventure, The Hiking Edition.

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Introducing Wired For Adventure Volume 21: Hiking Edition

For a lot of us, hiking is our first taste of adventure. A simple walk through the hills or mountains showed us all the things we could climb up, jump off, swim through and discover. In WFA 21, we’re taking you back to this first love with the best hiking stories, trails, and guides for your 2024. We also speak to people who have taken this love to the extreme, from desert explorer Max Calderan to Wim Hof, who has run ice marathons bare foot in his shorts.

Lace up your boots and let WFA transport you to the hills.

What’s inside the latest volume of Wired for Adventure?

This volume of Wired For Adventure is all about hiking. From running across Tajikistan to discovering Cornwall in its off season, you’ll find the perfect inspiration for your next on-foot adventure. There are interviews, destination guides, travel stories, and gear roundups to whet your appetite and lace your boots.

Inside, we spoke to the legendary Wim Hof, ‘The Iceman’, about how his breathing and cold exposure techniques have enhanced his adventures. He told us how he overcomes his limitations, the first steps to realising your inner power, and how he feels inferior to turtles… We also spoke to Max Calderan, AKA the Son of the Desert, who is one of the only people to see the inner reaches of The Empty Quarter, the world’s greatest sand mass.

In this thrilling account, he talks about how he faced off with a hyena, got caught up in the Rub ‘al Khali’s biggest sandstorm, and how experiencing the raw power of the desert will change your life forever.

Also in WFA Volume 21…

  • Interview: Meet Wim Hof, the man on a mission to help us all realise our full potential
  • Trailblazers: Ann Bancroft is the first woman to reach both poles on skis
  • Uncover the secrets of the Empty Quarter with desert explorer Max Calderan
  • Learn how to get along with your mountain mates in our guide to mountain refuges
  • Fall in love with the seals in Cornwall’s off season
  • Gran Canaria: Let the outside in on the natural paradise that is the island of Gran Canaria
  • Ride horse back through the mountains of Georgia
  • See a new side to Rwanda by hiking up into the Virunga Volcanoes
  • Run through Tajikistan with one of the UK’s happiest people, Danny Bent
  • Find out just why hiking is so good for you with Dr. Alex George
  • Watch the sky light up as Fuego erupts above Antigua, Guatemala
  • Plan your next adventure with our guide to the world’s best island trails
  • Find the best boots for your hike as we round up the latest and greatest in the hiking market

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