The Rochefort Ridge

Watch: Unbelievable footage shows climber traversing vertigo-inducing ridge

Author: Rob Slade

Now this video may only be 90 seconds long, but it’s probably one of the most heart-stopping 90 seconds we’ve ever watched!

The footage shows a climber traversing the exposed Rochefort Ridge in the French Alps. Widely considered a classic, the snowy ridge requires good balance and decent crampon technique with some rather bold and loose rock climbing in places.

The terrain shown in the video is truly breathtaking with rocky peaks jutting through the snowline all around. If the panoramic views aren’t enough to blow you away, the perspective and the sheer drops on either side of the ridge sure will.

With nothing more than an ice axe and crampons to keep him on the ridge, and the wind blowing, you can’t help but feel worried for the guy. It looks like there is certainly no margin for error and thanks to the overhead perspective, we can see the full consequences if he does place a foot wrong.

The video was shot by Sebastien Montaz-Rosset, an award-winning producer of adventure sports videos. You can enjoy (if that’s the right word!) this particular video below.