Alice Morrison in the Atlas Mountains

Alice Morrison: The best Instagram feed for travel inspiration this week

Author: Rob Slade

Adventurer and journalist Alice Morrison first moved to Morocco to train for the toughest footrace on Earth, the Marathon des Sables (MDS), but liked it so much she ended up staying.

The result?  A wealth of stunning photos from the back streets of Marrakech, the ridiculously beautiful Atlas Mountains and beyond.

Morrison’s adventures don’t simply start and end with the MDS, either. She has also cycled the length of Africa as a competitor in the Tour d’Afrique and most recently completed the first ever walk from the Atlas Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean.

These journeys have taken Morrison through vast deserts, up and down the majestic peaks of the Atlas Mountains, all the way to the wild and wonderful Atlantic Coast. Luckily for us, she’s been documenting these journeys through photography along the way.

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So whether it’s the stark contrast of blue skies meeting orange sand dunes, tiny villages clinging to steep mountain cliffs or moody shots of everyday life in towns and cities, you can be sure that this Instagram feed will have you covered. African adventures await…