Completing the Three Peaks Challenge in a 59kg diving suit…

Author: Ollie Rooke

It’s one of the most difficult feats in British hiking. To complete the Three Peaks Challenge, you must summit the highest mountain in England, Scotland, and Wales in under 24 hours. It’s a tough undertaking for sure.

Well, for charity fundraiser Lloyd Scott, it wasn’t quite tough enough. For each of the three climbs, he suited up in an old-fashioned diving suit, weighing a whopping 59kg.

He undertook the challenge to raise money for the Lord’s Taverner, a charity for disabled and disadvantaged young people. Amazingly, Lloyd raised over £50,000 for the cause.

While it took him two days to complete the three peaks, we can forgive Lloyd for not quite hitting the 24-hour target. Check out a video of his effort below…

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