Jack Wolfskin Atmosphere Dome II Tent

Jack Wolfskin Atmosphere Dome II Tent Review

Author: Bryn Davies

We took a look at the Jack Wolfskin Atmosphere Dome II Tent to find out how it compared to others on the market. Here’s what we found out…

www.jack-wolfskin.com | £310


German company Jack Wolfskin is marketing the Atmosphere Dome II as the perfect choice for ‘tropical climates or summer camping closer to home’. Taking this into account we’d expect the tent to feature more in terms of ventilation than others on test. The tent has a ‘fast pitch’ system, meaning it uses only one pole (which branches off into different directions), and only two guy lines. Putting it up was indeed very quick: it was easy to see where the pole went, and the flysheet fastens into four colour-coded clips. It’s safe to say the Atmosphere provides a great amount of stability for minimal effort.

The Atmosphere Dome II offers a great compromise between light weight and a small pack size and a comfortable living area. While the tent weighs in at just 2.35kg it still features two porches and a sizeable inner. Each porch is big enough to take an expedition pack and cooking equipment and two doors is always welcome when you don’t want to disturb your buddy at night.

Once inside there’s plenty of room for two to sleep comfortably and a taller person can easily sit up and stretch out while lying down. I liked the height of the roof – it makes the tent seem roomier than it is.

This tent excels in its amount of ventilation. Near half of the inner is mesh and two outer vents allow for a good cross flow of air. This will make those stuffy nights more bearable, but on the flip side, I can see it being chilly if you want to use the tent in colder seasons or places too.

All in all the Jack Wolfskin Atmosphere Dome II tent is a great piece of kit. I particularly like the unique (to this test) single pole design. The flysheet stays in place brilliantly and the structure is sturdy.

Jack Wolfskin Atmosphere Dome II Verdict

A great compromise between light weight/small pack-size and comfortable living space.

  • Weight and pack size: 7
  • Ease of erection: 9
  • Porch size: 8
  • Inner size and features: 8
  • Value for money: 7
  • Overall: 9