What Inspires… Ultra-runner Debbie Martin-Consani

Photo - Jamie Rutherford

Ultra-runner and Montane athlete Debbie Martin-Consani is motivated by the constant chasing of adventure, born of a desire to pursue – and overcome – personal fears. She has represented Scotland and Great Britain in 100K and 24-hour races. Most recently she secured the first female place in the 2022 Montane Spine race, a non-stop 268-mile ultra along one of the most iconic national trails in Britain, the Pennine Way.

Q: Who or what inspires you?  

A: Anyone who is willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone to face a new challenge. I love people who dream big, especially if it’s beyond their current capabilities. Nothing worth doing comes easy. 

Q: Tell us about a time you faced a fear or overcame a personal struggle.

A: I’m highly motivated by fear, so most of the events I’m committed to terrify me. But that’s why I want to do them so much. A guaranteed completion doesn’t put fire in my belly. The high possibility that I might spectacularly fail is what gets me excited. The sweet spot is when excitement and fear collide.  

Photo – Jamie Rutherford

Q: What’s been your proudest moment to date?  

A: Maybe because it’s still raw, but winning the Montane Spine Race in 2022 is right up there. I just had the most amazing experience and am really proud of the way I handled myself during the event. 

Q: What’s your ultimate ambition? 

A: To run forever! I want to be the 80 year-old woman pushing the cut offs and holding up the checkpoints at races.

Q: Where’s your ‘happy place’? 

A: Anywhere outside. Urban or rural, I just like running and taking in my surroundings. I love being out on the mountains and trails, but I live and work in a city so that’s not always possible. I equally enjoy running around the town. I’m a big fan of street art and murals. 

Q: Tell us something you’re rubbish at.

A: Eating in races. Knowing when to stop talking. Ten-pin bowling.  

Q: What’s your number-one piece of kit? 

A: The Montane Podium Waterproof Pull-On Jacket. I’ve had one since the prototype version and love it. It’s great for all-seasons. Perfectly light for summer rain, but robust enough for winter too. I always carry it on long runs because it’s so small and can easily fit in a pocket or waist belt. For something that can fold down to the size of apple, it’s hard to believe it’s 15,000mm waterproof. It packs a good punch. 

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