Author: Emily-Jane Cave

7 ways to explore the Falklands

Saunders Islands visit the Falklands

So near and yet so far, the Falklands is the one corner of the British Isles few people get to visit or explore.

Located 400 miles off the the southern eastern tip of South America, more than 740 islands make up the Falkland Islands.

The islands have a population of just over 2,800; that’s a whole lot of untouched wilderness. No wonder it’s one of the most diverse places on the planet to experience wildlife close-up. From hill walking to sea kayaking, climbing to helicopter tours, there are endless ways to enjoy a visit to the Falkland Islands and all they have to offer.

One of the big pulls of these islands is the local fauna. Here, you’ll find more than 200 species of seabird, including king penguins and black-browed albatross. Off the coast, you’ll also spot majestic ocean mammals like elephant seals, dolphins, and killer whales.

Discover seven ways to explore the Falklands

With so much to see and do on these remarkable islands, here’s the ultimate guide to exploring the Falklands to the fullest.

By Sea kayak

Sea kayak Falklands

By far one of the best ways to see the island’s marine life. A guided sea kayak tour will let you explore beautiful sandy beaches, rugged coastlines, and get up close with the Falkland’s incredible wildlife.

Look out for magellanic, king, and gentoo penguins, as well as cormorants, sea lions, dolphins, and orca.

By mountain bike

This is the best (and greenest) way to explore the Falklands off the beaten track. You can enjoy everything from guided sightseeing tours to technical trail riding adventures.

Falklands Outdoors offers a variety of cycles for hire, including electrical bikes, so you can enjoy the islands on two wheels no matter your fitness level.

By 4×4

From two wheels to four, guided overland tours are a great way to see more of the islands.

Experienced local guides offer half-or full-day tours exploring the coastlines and white sand beaches, giving visitors a unique opportunity to see the islands’ wildlife in their natural habitat.

Climbing in the Falklands

Climbing in the Falklands

Not known for its climbing, the Falklands has plenty of challenging rock faces in the hills surrounding the capital, Stanley. Here you’ll get an adrenaline-pumping perspective on the spectacular scenery.

If you like the idea but don’t have the gear, a local company offers this experience and caters to all abilities.

Hill walking

No visit to the Falklands would be complete without a good stomp. Guided hill walks are the perfect way to make the most of exploring the islands’ breathtaking scenery on foot.

With everything from coastal wildlife trails to those taking in remnants and memorials of the 1982 conflict, there’s something for everyone. Walks can be anything from a couple of hours to multi-day treks; the distance is up to you.

Check out these four popular hikes in the Falklands for inspiration.

By Helicopter

Helicopter tour Falklands

For the ultimate thrill ride, jump in a chopper and explore the Falklands by air. Opened in 2019, the Falklands Helicopter Service offers short journeys and longer scenic flights within and around the islands.

A highlight is the Volunteer Point tour where you’ll get to see three species of penguin close up.

Island hopping

FIGAS plane Falklands

The Falklands is a fantastically unique destination to add into a tour of Chile or Sao Paulo, thanks to its proximity to South America. You can also incorporate a visit to the Falklands archipelago while cruising around the South Atlantic islands of St Helena and Ascension Island.

Once you reach the Falklands, the excellent ferry and air services provide ample opportunity to hop between islands, so you can take in all they have to offer.

With its military history, unspoiled nature, relaxing scenery, and abundance of adventurous challenges, the Falkland Islands are truly an exceptional part of Britain.

Visit the Falklands

Black Browed Albatross Falklands

You can reach the Falklands by sea or by air. There are two major flight routes; one with LATAM, which operates out of South America, and one with the MoD, which flies direct from the UK.

Prefer your adventures by sea? The Falklands are a popular destination for cruise ships and charter yachts. More than 30 companies now include the islands in their itineraries.

To start planning your visit to the Falklands, head HERE.