Petra, Jordan

The Adventure Travel Guide to Jordan

Author: Rob Slade

As a British resident, you are entitled to roughly five and a half weeks of holiday per year. For full-time workers, that equates to 28 days. The question is, are you making the most of them?

For us, a good year means escaping home as much as possible and heading somewhere wild and beautiful. This could be somewhere in the UK, but more often than not we want to satisfy the itch and head overseas.

Having said that, choosing your next holiday destination can be a tough task. Perhaps you don’t know where to go, or maybe you are waiting out for the destination that provides something different and allows you to pack in adventure day after day.

Well, the good news is that we have the perfect place for you. Nestled into the Middle East at the northernmost tip of the Red Sea, Jordan is a veritable feast for those seeking wild, open expanses, enchanting mountain landscapes and a long, fascinating history.

From the Martian sands of Wadi Rum to the jaw-dropping ruins of the ancient city of Petra, there are endless opportunities for exploration and adventure, and the great news is that it’s only a short flight to get there.

To give you a taste for some of the incredible activities and places you can discover, we teamed up with Intrepid Travel and the Jordan Tourism Board to put together an adventure travel guide to Jordan. Check it out below…