Triglav National Park, Slovenia

12 epic bucket list adventures around the world

Author: Naomi Dunbar

If you’re anything like me, then your bucket list is growing uncontrollably quicker than you can tick off its destinations, and already resembles the size of a small novel. Sound familiar? Thought so. Though many of us may never complete the full list, a bucket list is there as our personal inspiration and spurs us on to achieve our dreams – so we reckon, there’s no harm in letting it grow wildly.

With the above in mind and clutching our own bucket lists, we teamed up with our friends at Intrepid Travel to bring you 12 epic adventures from around the world that deserve a place on your bucket list. We just know you’re going to love them…

1. Road trip on the Great Ocean Road, Australia

Great Ocean Road Australia
Photo: 士航 魏

Possibly one of the greatest road trips in the world, the Great Ocean Road runs from Melbourne to Adelaide, in Australia. This 151-mile route offers travellers unparalleled surf, picturesque beaches, dramatic rock formations and mind-blowing coastal views, and can usually be done in a couple days, depending on how long you want to stay and take in all the incredible sights.

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2. Desert camping in Jordan

Desert camping in Jordan
Photo: Guillaume Baviere

Jordan is a magnificent Middle Eastern country and its deserts are a rich and fascinating land to discover. After days exploring by camel trekking, dune sledding or jeep, nighttime is really when the desert comes alive. You’ll be absolutely blown away by the billions of twinkly stars that gaze back at you, and you’ll also get the opportunity to meet the Bedouin locals and listen to stories about their way of life in the desert around the campfire.

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3. Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonian Chile

Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile
Photo: Christopher Michel

Quite possibly one of the most staggering national parks in the world, no bucket list is complete without a trip to visit Torres del Paine National Park, in Patagonian Chile. The vast mountain ranges, impressive glaciers, sparkling glacial lakes and dense forests are just some of the elements that make this area so magical. One of the most iconic sights in the park are the three natural granite pillars that tower over the landscape.

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4. Bathing in hot springs, Iceland

Hot springs Iceland
Photo: Lynn Friedman

Bathing in Iceland‘s hot springs is an experience like no other. Enjoy bath-like temperatures and mineral rich waters while your face meets the crisp air and the spectacular snowy views that surround you. There are many natural hot springs dotted around Iceland that offer spectacular wild ruggedness, and there are also a couple commercial hot spring spas to choose from if you prefer the little added luxury of bath robes and slippers.

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5. Cycling in the French Alps

Cycling French Alps
Photo: Will_cyclist

If you’re an avid cyclist or just enjoy cycling as a hobby from time to time, then you won’t be disappointed by a two-wheeled trip in the French Alps. The Alps are renowned for being one of the most sensational mountainous regions on the planet and to explore them by bike gives you a faster and more adrenaline inducing way of discovering the true beauty of this area. So, whether you like to peddle on-road or prefer more rugged off-road trails, you won’t be short on choice in the French Alps.

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6. Climb Machu Picchu, Peru

Mach Picchu Peru

Built in the 15th century, and later abandoned, Machu Picchu is one of the most well-known archaeological sites in the world, set in the staggering Andes Mountains in Peru. This UNESCO World Heritage site is often referred to as ‘the lost city of the Incas’ and its exact former use remains a mystery to this day. Not only is Machu Picchu an incredible historic site, but the hike to the top and the panoramic views when you get there are absolutely unforgettable.

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7. Kayaking in the Norwegian fjords

Naeroyfjord Norway
Photo: Richard Mortel

Norway is famous for many things, but it’s particularly known for its breathtaking system of fjords. Tranquil waters are framed by vast and impressive mountain ranges, topped with snow and draped in luscious greenery. The fjords are impressive in any weather, but when the sun comes out, it kisses everything is touches, turning the scene into a sparkling paradise that will last in your memory for a lifetime. The best way to get up close and personal with the fjords is by paddle, it’s just perfect for kayaking.

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8. Hiking in Triglav National Park, Slovenia

Triglav National Park, Slovenia
Photo: Rob Berends

Overshadowed by the popularity of the Dolomites and the Alps, Slovenia is sometimes overlooked by travellers. This is where they are going wrong. Slovenia is a rich and mountainous paradise and hiking through its forgotten lands is an experience like no other. You’ll also find, more often than not, that you have unspoiled and awe-inspiring scenery all to yourself. Slovenia is also brimming with stunning lakes, waterfalls, forests, valleys and picturesque towns.

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9. Sailing in the Caribbean

Sailing in the CaribbeanThe exquisite blue waters in the Caribbean, rival those around the globe, and the best way to experience these tempting oceans? By sailing of course. Whether it’s a day trip or a week-long trip, sailing around the shores and delving deeper into the waters to discover quaint islands is an unforgettable adventure. Not to mention, the world-class diving, pristine beaches and deliciously famous Caribbean food and culture.

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10. Kayaking in Antarctica

Kayaking Antarctica
Photo: Scott Ableman

Kayaking is fun wherever you do it, but kayaking in Antarctica is up there with the best. Not only will you have the most breathtaking view of snowy mountains and giant ice burgs, but you’ll have the chance to get up close with personal with colonies of penguins and seals. This is a magical land and exploring by paddle is a fantastic way to slow the pace down, enabling you to absorb every last inch of its magnificence.

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11. Trek to Everest base camp, Nepal

View from Everest base camp
Photo: Umberto De Peppo Cocco

Climbing to the summit of Everest is a very risky, expensive and ambitious feat, and is pretty unachievable for most of us common folk who aren’t experienced mountaineers. However, fear not, because trekking to the mountain’s base camp is an incredible once in a lifetime experience in itself, and if you’re a fit and healthy trekker, then it’s a trip that should prove a success for you. Just standing in the overpowering presence of Everest is spine-tingling, and very humbling indeed. An experience as incredible as this, is never forgotten.

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12. Hiking in Yangshuo, China

Yangshuo, China
Photo: Strudelt

China is a country of outstanding natural beauty, and there are so many truly inspiring places to explore. However, we have chosen the remarkable landscapes of Yangshuo, in China’s Guangxi region. The area is famous for its karst mountainous landscape, spilling with luscious greenery, enchanting views and fascinating species. There are many enjoyable hiking trails, peaks to conquer and a stunning river to paddle in. You’ll find yourself pleasantly lost within this idyllic paradise.

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