Jess Bonde Instagram

The best Instagram feed for travel inspiration this week

Author: Aisling Kiely

Every morning, we wake up, scroll through our Instagram feeds and long for an adventure outside of the office window. Instagram is the place where we feed our appetite for adventure and get inspired to embark on a new journeys. After all, who wouldn’t rather spend a morning hiking up the El Capitan or riding the waves on a kayak in Iceland?

This week’s featured Instagram account comes courtesy of @j_bonde. A travel entrepreneur and photographer, Jess Bonde captures adventurers within stunning cosmic landscapes. No wonder we all get itchy feet. Her photographs have a unique style as she uses certain angles and perspectives to make us feel like we are actually there in the moment (well, we wish).

Jess’ photography doesn’t fall short of any detail and is a real travel inspiration. Plus, we think a yoga move on top of Norway’s Trolltunga is pretty impressive and definitely worth celebrating.

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