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Author: Aisling Kiely

This week’s featured Instagram account comes courtesy of @zakshelhamer. A self-confessed social influencer and adventure photographer, Zak Shelhamer, uses his account to inspire like-minded people and instil some get-up-and-go in those who keep making excuses to put off travel.

Mostly captured on his very scratched and dented iPhone 4, Shelhamer’s photographs are very in the moment. From backward flips into a river in Alberta to failed surfing shots, he really doesn’t miss a shot.

Shelhamer’s passion for photography stemmed from his lust for snowboarding. However, after too many cuts and bruises, he decided to take a step back and snap it instead.¬†Voted one of the top ten Instagram photographers and product photographer for extreme sports brands such as Vail resorts, Quiksilver and Vans, Shelhamer has come a long way since his iPhone 4 days and his pictures are just getting better and better.

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