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Author: Bryn Davies | £145

Meindl boots have long been the footwear of choice for Adventure Travel‘s publisher Alun Davies – he reckons he’s walked more miles in them than any other brand. That’s a strong testament to the consistent quality and comfort that’s usually associated with this German manufacturer’s boots.

The Kansas GTXs feature a smooth Nubuck leather upper with a rougher Nubuck patch around the heel, and a Gore-Tex lining to keep out water. The sole unit has a great self-cleaning pattern with deep cut lugs that’ll serve you well on muddier, wetter trails, and a design that Meindl calls Multigrip ensures good traction over rockier terrain. The PU midsole provides a comfortable amount of cushioning and shock absorbtion and it flexes at the same point as my foot which makes the Kansas GTX a pleasure to wear over long distances.

The boot offers a lot of protection thanks to a very stiff toe box and a rubber toe rand that’ll help protect both your foot and the boot from scuffs and bumps. Around the heel there’s a lot of support from a tough, reinforced heel cup that holds the foot in place well and stabilises it over rocky terrain.

The Kansas GTX features what Meindl calls a Digiflex lacing system which makes lacing the boot up quick and easy, and a central hook on the tongue hooks over the laces to keep the toungue in place when walking on uneven ground.

All in all the Meindl Kansas GTXs are quality boots. They may not have the sex appeal of some other, trendier boots, but they offer great performance and comfort, and that’s what matters.

Meindl Kansas GTX boots verdict

The Meindl Kansas GTX boots offer great quality at a reasonable price.

Meindl Kansas GTX boots review
80%Overall Score
Value for money80%
Reader Rating 252 Votes