Author: Ollie Rooke

Watch: A journey to the summit of Aconcagua

As the highest mountain in the Americas, at 6,961m, and the tallest outside of Asia, Aconcagua is a must-climb for any mountaineer looking to bag the famous Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each continent.

The roof of the Americas is also a popular summit to bag early, with Aconcagua being regarded as a trekking peak rather than a full-blown climb. That’s not to say it’s easy though. Altitude and the lung-bursting low-oxygen environment combine to challenge even the fittest who attempt to tackle its scree-covered slopes.

To get an insight into what it’s like to climb Aconcagua and bag one of the Seven Summits, we’ve found this brilliant film from Youtube user James Smith, documenting his journey from base to summit, and back again.

Watch the full film below:



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