Photo: Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

5 breath-taking views in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

Author: Amabel Buck X Austrian Tirol

Many people know the region of Tiroler Zugspitz Arena in Austrian Tirol for its reputation as an excellent skiing destination, or perhaps for being home to the almighty summit after which the region is named. The Zugspitze mountain (2,962m) straddles the border with Germany and presents the opportunity for hiking to some truly mind-boggling views in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, all with picture-postcard scenery you’ll be raving about for weeks afterwards.

Better still, thanks to its popularity as a winter destination, hikes in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena in summer are a relaxed and peaceful affair, where you’ll have the trails (and gorgeous views) all to yourself.  To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve rounded up five of the best views in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena below.

Zugspitze Mountain

Hike to Zugspitze Mountains
Photo: Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

Of course, a list of the best views in Tiroler Zugspitz Arena could not be complete without a mention of the view from the region’s highest peak. On a clear day, it’s possible to see four different countries from the top, with the dramatic mountainous landscape stretching as far as the eye can see.

It’s all the more rewarding after a hard day’s climb to the top, which can be attempted over one or two days using one of the five different trails to the top. If you’re short on time or feeling lazy, the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn whisks travellers to the top from Ehrwald in a matter of moments.

A gondola breakfast

Gondola Breakfast in Zugspitze Tiroler Arena
Photo: Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

There’s nothing that elicits quite so many smug social media posts as a breakfast over a beautiful view, and this particular breakfast takes it to the next level. Enjoy a spectacular breakfast from the comfort of the Almkopfbahn Bichlbach cable car, with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Breakfast starts at 9am, and there’s no need to rush – you can stay until you’ve finished your meal.

Watch with awe as the mountains come to life against a cotton candy sky, and you float up through the clouds, enjoying refills and new dishes every time you pass by the valley station. Not just one view but a multitude of different, yet equally stunning ones, this is certainly an experience worth setting your alarm for.

Heiterwanger Hochalm

Cable cars from the alpine hut - best views in Zugspitz Arena
Photo: Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

This charming alpine hut can be found at the top of the Almkopfbahn Bichlbach and Bergahnen Berwang cable cars but can also be reached via the many picturesque hiking trails leading to it from Berwang.

At the top, enjoy panoramic views over the highest valley in the region, while enjoying a local schnapps and some authentic Tyrolean cuisine. Emerald pastures filled with wildflowers roll out beneath you like a magic carpet while snow-kissed peaks loom in the distance – once you’ve had your fill at the hut, you’ll certainly be itching to get hiking.

Heiterwanger See and Plansee

Plansee Lake best things to do in Tiroler Zugspitze Arena
Photo: Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

Some of the most beautiful views in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena can be found lakeside in the height of summer, when the turquoise waters have never looked so inviting. Drifting among the mountains along the surface of the lake on a stand-up paddle board is the best way to soak up all the spectacular views, and there are even night-time tours available.

These two stunning lakes are beautiful during the day, but it’s definitely worth going at night to feel as though you’re floating through space, with the vast diamond-studded carpet of stars reflected in the water below.

More incredible views in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

Views in Zugspitze Tiroler arena
Photo: Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

This stunning little corner of the Alps is not short on adventurous activities where you can experience even more exceptional views in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. Don’t forget to check the tourism information website for the region, where you can find a wealth of phenomenal hiking trails and information on guided hikes, plus essential updates on travel and accommodation.

Families will also be in paradise here, with an abundance of family hotels, kids’ clubs and unique activities to keep the little ones entertained. Click here for more details.

For Covid-19 information check out and for top travel tips to get around Tirol head here, where you can also pick up a weekly Tirol ticket for €45.