best hikes in alpbachtal
Photo: Alpbachtal Tourismus

5 stunning hikes in Alpbachtal to try in summer

Author: Amabel Buck X Austrian Tirol

Hiking in the Tirol region of Austria during those balmy months of summer is like transcending into another realm, where the scenery is too lush and green to be true and wildflower meadows dance in the breeze. Nowhere is this more true than in the tranquil region of Alpbachtal, located a short drive from the city of Innsbruck yet surrounded by unspoilt nature. Hikes in Alpbachtal offer diverse opportunities for adventure, from awe-inspiring gorges to a lake considered to be the most beautiful in Austria.

To help you plan the adventure of a lifetime, we rounded up all our favourite hikes in Alpbachtal that are particularly spectacular during the summer, when the winter sports enthusiasts have departed from the busy slopes and the snow has all but melted away.

Kaiser Gorge

Kaiser gorge, one of the best hikes in Alpbachtal
Photo: Alpbachtal Tourismus

No list of the best hikes in Alpbachtal could be complete without a mention of its famous gorges, of which there are three all waiting to be explored. Kaiser Gorge is just under a mile long with a narrow path running along it, allowing you to peer over at the frothing river below. On a hot summer’s day, you can also enter the river at various points to cool off surrounded by nature.

Park at Pinegg and look for the signs to the gorge entrance, where you will follow the path right to the end. From here you can bear left to walk along forest track number 11 back to your start point. Click here for more details.

Wiedersberger Horn

Photo: Alpbachtal Tourismus

Those looking for splendid panoramic views of Tirol should look no further than the hike to the top of Wiedersberger Horn, which begins at the Wiedersbergerhornbahn Alpbach top station (1,846m). Once you have taken the cable car from Alpbach, you can follow the trail to the Wiedersberger peak (2,127m), and enjoy sensational views over the Ziller Valley Alps before descending to the Hornalm and back to the Wiedersbergerhorn top station via the panorama path (A40).

Here at the lift station those with little ones in tow can enjoy the Lauserland alpine coasters and take lunch with a view at the adjacent mountain huts before taking the cable car back to Alpbach. Alternatively, those with some more fuel left in their feet can carry on the descent down to the middle station, for an extra hour or so of peace and tranquillity on the trails. See the route information here.

Lake Zirein from Aschau

Lake Ziren one of the best hikes in Alpbachtal
Photo: Alpbachtal Tourismus

Legend has it there was once a shepherd living close to a beautiful lake, who needed some clay to renovate his hut. After using clay from the area to renovate his walls and build a new stove, he awoke the next morning to find them both turned into gold, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was true when you see the glimmering beauty of Lake Zirein. Experience all it has to offer on one of the best hikes in Alpbachtal.

The hike begins at Brandenberg car park at the barrier, where you should walk in the direction of Eilalm and Anderl´s Almhütte via Kreuzein Hochleger. Enjoy spectacular views along the Rosskogel Saddle, following the route downhill through the Rosswies to the lake, where you can stop for lunch and admire its effervescent beauty before heading back. Find out more here.

Tiefenbach Gorge

Gorge walking best hikes in Alpbachtal
Photo: Alpbachtal Tourismus

Another of the region’s stunningly dramatic gorges can be found at Tiefenbach, where you can follow a walking route through pristine woodland and over the gushing waters of the Brandenberg River. Halfway along the walk you’ll find a viewing platform, where you can watch kayakers navigating the turbulent waters down below.

The hike begins at the Tiefenbach Gorge entrance and follows the path until the valley opens up an reaches a beautiful alpine meadow and the Jausenstation Tiefenbachklamm. You can then follow the same path back to your start point. Check it out here.

Reither Kogel

Views on the hike from the Reither Kogel
Photo: Alpbachtal Tourismus

An ideal hike for those with young families, or even just the young-at-heart, this circular walk leads hikers through Juppi Zauberwald (Juppi’s enchanted forest) to the equally enchanting Reither Kogel peak (1,336m) where you’ll be treated to excellent views over the Ziller Valley and beyond.

The walk begins at the top of the Reitherkogelbahn gondola where you’ll follow the path leading past the Nisslhof. Follow the signs for Reither Kogel through the forest and past the Schwabl chapel right to the top, where you will walk back the way you came before taking the R11 – Juppi Zauberwald circular path back to the top station. See the full route here.

More stunning hikes in Alpbachtal

To find more breath-taking hikes in Alpbachtal, check out the tourism website for the region by clicking here. As well as a round-up of all the best hikes in Alpbachtal complete with route maps and detailed directions, you’ll also find a wealth of information about other adventurous activities in the region, plus handy transport and accommodation info. Click here to visit the website.

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