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5 of the best hikes in Wildschönau, Austrian Tirol

Author: Amabel Buck X Austrian Tirol

You might feel as though you’ve stepped straight into a film set from the Sound of Music when you arrive in the region of Wildschönau in Austrian Tirol, thanks to its rolling green pastures and gorgeous mountainous backdrop. In summer, this area is a paradise for hikers and active holiday makers, who relish the peaceful atmosphere and wonderful variety of hikes in Wildschönau. With just four charming church villages spread throughout the sprawling valley, the area is a true retreat from the hectic nature of modern-day life.

With nearly 200 miles of hiking trails to explore, it can be tough to know where to start when it comes to hikes in Wildschönau. That’s why we’ve rounded up the crème-de-la-crème of hikes in Wildschönau to help you get the best of your adventure.

Schönanger-Großer Beil

Wildschoenau Gressensteinalm
Photo: Wildschönau Tourismus

As the region’s highest peak, the Großer Beil (2,309m) makes for an enticing adventure. Ethereal woodland, picturesque waterfalls and panoramic views are what make this hike so uniquely stunning, with a portion of steep ascent thrown in for a little added challenge.

The route begins at the Schönanger Alm, where you can take the forest path to the Kundl Alm, and then follow route five to the waterfall. From here, take a right and begin the steep climb to the summit, where you can catch your breath while admiring one of the best views in the region. Find out more here.


Photo: Wildschönau Tourismus

One of the most stunning hikes in Wildschönau has got to be the route from Markbachjoch to Rosskopf (1,731m), via Halsgatterl (1,562m), that delivers exceptional panoramic views and takes only a few hours.

You can take advantage of the free Wildschönau Card, which you receive when booking into holiday accommodation in the region, and be transported into the mountains on the Markbachjoch gondola, from where you can head up to the walk’s highest point at Rosskopf.

Continuing on, you’ll soon reach Horlerstiegl (1,475m) before heading back to the cable car via the Horler Stiege chapel and serene alpine pastures. Rugged peaks and a patchwork of emerald hillsides make the views on this hike particularly special. Click here to see more.

The Cheese Trail

Cheese trail
Photo: Wildschönau Tourismus

Cheese-lovers will be in for an absolute treat on this fromage-based trail, which begins at the Markbachjoch cable car station and passes south of Rosskopf to Brixentaler Holzalm, a cheese farm where you can taste dairy products on a lovely terrace.

While soaking up the mind-boggling scenery, you’ll continue along a path past some pretty mountain ponds to reach the Feldalm or Breiteggalm hut where you can stop and try homemade schnaps. Finally, you’ll reach the Schönanger Alm, where award-winning cheeses are made by Johann Schönauer. With views that are just as mouth-watering as the accompanying cheesy treats, this is one hike that’s truly too good to resist. Check it out here.

Around the Schatzberg Peak

family sitting at the Schatzberg Peak
Photo: Wildschönau Tourismus

This relatively undemanding walk offers unbelievably good panoramic views over the Wildschönau and neighbouring Alpbach valleys and firmly deserves a place on this list of the best hikes in Wildschönau.

Begin by taking the Schatzberg gondola to the top from Auffach. From here the circular route takes you up to the Schatzberg peak (1,898m), followed shortly after by the Hahnkopf (1,900m), and you’ll also pass by both the Schatzberg Alm and the Gipfö Hit restaurants should you fancy a bite to eat among majestic scenery. See more here.

Kundl Gorge

Kundl gorge best hikes in Wildschönau
Photo: Wildschönau Tourismus

No list of the best hikes in Wildschönau could be complete without a mention of the Kundl Gorge, that connects the Wildschönau Valley with the village of Kundl in the Inn Valley. Hike alongside the merrily trickling Wildschönau river from the start of the walk in Mühltal, which passes through pretty alpine meadows and woodland before reaching the soaring 200m cliffs that line the gorge. The trickling stream meanders through the gorge before eventually turning to frothing white water and turbulent rapids.

Legend has it that the gorge was formed when a dragon was tricked by a peasant and fatally wounded. As it took its last breath, the dragon bit a ravine through the cliffs, and the lake began to drain into the Inn Valley. It’s not surprising then, that the scenery of the Kundl Gorge is so dramatically beautiful. Find out more here. 

More hikes in Wildschönau

To find more information about hikes in Wildschönau, don’t forget to take a look at the tourism website for the region here. Not only are there detailed routes with maps for all the best hikes in Wildschönau, you’ll also find plenty more exciting adventures to be had in the region, plus essential information on transport and accommodation.

Don’t forget to pick up your Wildschönau Summer Card when visiting, to grant you free access to Summer cable cars, open air pool, guided walks and much more. Check it out here.

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