Dolomites in Italy
Dolomites - S?d Tirol - Italy

The ultimate adventure travel guide to Italy

Author: Naomi Dunbar

With its gorgeous long coastlines, diverse landscapes and tantalising natural beauty, Italy is the exquisite boot-shaped land on many a traveller’s bucket list. Not only does this European gem offer luscious scenery and jaw-dropping landmarks, but it’s also host to an array of thrilling outdoor activities, ideal for the adventure travellers among us who are looking to explore beyond the nibbles, wine, and architecture.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying those things, I for one am partial to more than my fair share of nibbles and wine. However, I know I speak for all of us adventure travellers out there when I say we need that extra little bit of spice added to our travels, something a little more “fantastico!” – said in my somewhat rusty Italian accent there.

For a country on the smaller scale, Italy has an endless supply of fun, in fact, I find myself wondering how on earth they find the space to cram it all in – sorcery! You could find yourself traversing the steel cables of an adrenaline pumping via ferrata route, hiking the black rocky paths of a magnificent volcano, challenging your two-wheeled skills on exciting off-road trails, or climbing sheer craggy rocks surrounded by panoramic views to die for. Sounds a bit of alright, doesn’t it?

We’ve taken a close look at this beautiful country and have selected the very best activities that can be done in each region. So, whatever your adventure style, be it easy but thrilling, moderate but epic or demanding but bloody awesome, our adventure travel guide to Italy is sure to have something to whet your travel appetite. We hope you enjoy!

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