Alpkit Kraku Stove

Alpkit Kraku Stove Review

Author: Bryn Davies

We gave the Alpkit Kraku Stove a go to find out how long it took to boil, how effective the temperature control is and how packable the stove is overall. | £25 

Boil time 3.5 minutes

AT: Best value for money

Every time I try a piece of gear from Alpkit I enjoy using it, and if you’re looking for quality products at affordable prices then it’s a company for you. The brand was started by four pals with a passion for the outdoors; the Alpkit website says that they go to the Alps and they produce kit – simple as that! And the less-is-more ethos really shines through in the Kraku stove.

Designed for the solo adventurer, the stove weighs a miniscule 46g and folds down to a clump that’s no larger than half a pack of Polos, easily sitting in the palm of your hand. My initial thoughts were that a stove so small must only be able to offer a pathetic flame, but boy was I wrong. The Kraku was able to bring half a litre of water to the boil in just under 3.5 minutes, one of the fastest times in this review.

The stove’s feather weight is down to the use of a titanium body, a minimalist gas control dial (it’s small, but not so small that’s it’s too fiddly to use) and a small burner head. The stove comes with its own stash bag and don’t forget where you put it as it’s so small I imagine it’s easily misplaced.

The combination of a minimalist stove with an on-canister design mean that it’s not the most stable stove to be cooking on. Stirring food while the pot balances precariously on the three small pot supports is a nerve racking affair, but if you take care then it’s OK.

If you’re after a super lightweight stove that still offers a high power output, then stop looking, you’ve found it. For £25 the Kraku is a fine example that you don’t have to pay through the teeth for ultra lightweight gear. For those who prefer a more stable, easier cooking environment then you might find that the pot supports are a little too small.

Alpkit Kraku Stove verdict

Incredibly light and surprisingly powerful.

Boil time: 7/10

Weight: 7/10

Stability: 8/10

Value for money: 7/10

Overall: 9/10