Trekking- Petra, Jordan

Dana to Petra trek, Jordan: Best hikes in the world

Author: Adventure Travel

As we continue to document our pick of the best hikes in the world, we turn to the Middle East for one of the finest treks in the region. Often referred to as the ‘Inca Trail of the Middle East’, the Dana to Petra trek is a stunning hiking trail ending in what is Jordan’s most famous national treasure and one of its greatest tourist attractions – the ancient lost city of Petra…

The Treasury - Petra, Jordan - Dana to Petra trekPhoto: Clark & Kim Kays 

PR people call this the Inca Trail of the Middle East. We call it a fantastic trek across some marvellous desert to the stunning lost city of Petra, steeped in history and surrounded by spectacular red rock-cut architecture. This stunning stretch of hiking now forms part of the Jordan Trail (officially launched earlier in 2017).

High Place of Sacrifice - Petra, JordanPhoto: Clark & Kim Kays

The hike generally takes about a week, passing through deep gorges, the beautiful Araba Valley and along high ridges, with some easy scrambling, before arriving at one of the seven New Wonders of the World, Petra. Here, it’s easy to spend days exploring this city in the rocks.

It goes without saying that this is a bit of an epic and the diverse range of scenery is sure to leave you in awe. One day you could be taking in majestic views from mountainous plateaus and the next you could be hiking through peaceful, bucolic countryside.The desert stars are simply mind-blowing, and you can have a refreshing dunk in the Dead Sea afterwards.

There’s also the opportunity to turn the Dana to Petra trek into an even more off-grid adventure by wild camping along the way. Ecolodge and guesthouse style accommodation is also available on certain sections of the route. If the ancient city of Petra is on your bucket list, make sure you check out this incredible hike while you’re there. You won’t regret it!

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