It’s Time to Try Diving in Malta

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The waves that lap the shores of Malta hide a secret. On the beach, the white sand, bright corals, and shoals of silvery fish are everything you could want from a Mediterranean island paradise. Dive into the crystal water, however, and you will find a whole other world waiting to be discovered.

As you float further from the shore, the forts and palaces of the ancient capital, Valletta, start to feel like a fond memory. A realm of shipwrecks, caves, and mysterious seascapes unfold in their place.

It’s only accessible to those daring enough to seek it out, but you have found the hidden world of underwater Malta.

Try Diving for Yourself

If this sounds like a world you want to discover, the best way to do so is with one of the archipelago’s many professionally accredited diving centres.

Repeatedly voted the second-best diving destination in the world by Diver Magazine, they are ready to take on anyone, (over the age of ten), from total beginners wanting to get their PADI licence to seasoned divers looking for their best dive yet. There are also expert free diving instructors if you’d rather explore untethered.

With boat and shore dives available on the archipelago’s two major islands (Malta and Gozo) you are never far from your next aquatic adventure. That also means you’re never far from your next Mediterranean feast, hike, or historical encounter when you’re back on the land either.

The high season is from May to October, but the sheer number of experiences available make diving enjoyable all year round. The water rarely drops below 16°C and, if it’s windy on one side of the island, just pop over to the other side for a taste of Malta’s famously clear waters.

Underwater Statue

Our Top Dives

There is something for everyone in the archipelago’s more than 120 dive sites. You can discover the history of countless sunken ships, (a dozen of which are 50m plus deep), and war-era plane wrecks, or marvel at the unique seascape scattered with natural arches, inland seas and a myriad of marine life.

Ċirkewwa Harbour

On the North tip of the island of Malta lies the Ċirkewwa harbour. Set against the dramatic cliffs of the northern coast, it plays host to four separate dive-sites. Its wealth of caves, arches, and wrecks make it perfect for absolute beginners and technical divers alike.

Approaching the wreck of Tugboat Rozi, it will quickly become clear that you are a guest in the home of the Mediterranean’s diverse sea-life. A house, nursery and feeding ground to countless species, you can spot octopi, stingrays, or even the two resident moray eels who call the pipes of the almost intact wreck home.

Blue Hole and the Azure Window

You may have heard of the Azure Window when it was a striking natural arch, and fan favourite, that stood off of the West coast of Gozo. In 2017, the arch was reclaimed by the sea and is now a site that only divers have the privilege to see.

The remnants of the arch have left behind a mountain-like landscape totally submerged beneath the water. It is a truly unique diving experience, and one that is on many a diver’s bucket list!

You can pair this dive with a trip to the near-by Blue Hole. The picture-perfect rock pool opens out into a surreal underwater limestone cave. As the light fades from the mouth of the pool, you are free to explore the otherworldly seascape in all its mystery.

Malta Diving Half and Half

Take the Plunge

Just 3 hours from the UK by air, a trip to Malta gives you the perfect excuse to finally take the plunge in some of the most spectacular sites in the world. There’s also a whole host of above water activities for those in your party who haven’t quite found their sea-legs. There is always #MoreToExplore in Malta.

Check out diving in Malta at this link to get planning your next adventure and watch the video below for some inspiration.