Climbing Mount Cameroon, Cameroon

Best hikes in the world: Mount Cameroon

Author: Alex Johnson

Continuing our look at the best 100 hikes the world, we turn to a mountain which is known locally as Mongo ma Ndemi, meaning ‘Mountain of Greatness’, and is West Africa’s highest peak -the mighty Mount Cameroon…

Hiking Mount Cameroon, CameroonPhoto: Jbdodane

Mount Cameroon is West Africa’s highest peak at 4,040m.  An active volcano which last erupted in the year 2000, it has a rich and diverse landscape of desert, mountains, rainforest and savannah and there are several different trails on the mountain for hikers to explore.

Mount Cameroon, CameroonPhoto: Jbdodane

Cameroon is often known as ‘Africa in miniature’ because it has a bit of everything in terms of landscape–  and there are over 200 languages spoken. KE Adventure Travel’s Cameroon trip includes a four-day trek up Mount Cameroon, taking in a luscious forest before reaching a world of craters and steaming fumaroles. Ideal for those seeking the road less travelled.

Intro photo: Jbdodane