Author: Ollie Rooke

Climbing a perilous route on the north face of Ben Nevis

When it comes to mountains in the UK, Ben Nevis is the tallest of them all. Standing at 1,345m, it draws hikers and trekkers in their hundreds of thousands towards the summit each year.

It’s also popular with rock climbers, who scale the sheer faces and rocky slopes with ropes and harnesses in an attempt to find new, creative ways up the towering peak. And we’ve just found a stunning video of climber Dave MacLeod setting a new, perilous route up one of those faces.

MacLeod climbs in a traditional style, that is by placing (at times dubious) protection into the rock as he ascends, and his self-shot video goes some way to explaining just how difficult the feat is.

Alongside the climbing, MacLeod includes stunning drone shots and panoramics that’ll make you want to pack your chalk bag and go and join him.

This is one you won’t want to miss. Watch the full film below:



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