Sprayway SX2 Tent

Sprayway SX2 Tent Review

Author: Bryn Davies

www.sprayway.com | £170 | 2.7kg

The Sprayway SX2 is a free-standing three-poled tent that’s pitched flysheet first with the inner fixing in place via a series of attachment hoops. The combination of a low weight (2.7kg) and a small pack size will make this tent one to consider for those wanting to head out to the hills carrying as little as possible.

Putting up the tent was no trouble at all, with the pole that’s used for the porch colour-coded to avoid any confusion. But while it wasn’t complicated, it did take a bit longer than some of the other tents on test, although with a few practice runs you could have it up in no time.

Once pitched the SX2 looks sturdy enough to stand up to a storm but once again space and comfort have been traded in for a small pack size and a lighter weight. The porch is only really suitable for one expedition pack – you could get two in at a push, but don’t expect any room to be able to cook under shelter.

While the porch may be lacking in storage space the inner offers two great, large pockets at the head of the tent so you can reach your essentials at night. I also liked the storage pouch for the door to keep it tucked away when open.

Ventilation wise, the SX2 offers four mesh areas on the outer which will allow a good cross flow of air, but they’re slightly small. They’re protected by rain guards although I’d question the effectiveness of these in heavy rain and high winds.

As I mentioned, the SX2 isn’t designed with space and comfort in mind and taller people will find it difficult to stretch out and sit up. The inner is also very narrow so you might wake up on top of your mate.

Sprayway SX2 Tent Verdict:

The Sprayway SX2 is great as a lightweight tent, but we wouldn’t recommend it for those searching for comfort and size.