Author: Emily-Jane Cave

Watch this Olympic climber flashing in France

Czech professional climber Adam Ondra is arguably one of the best alive today. He’s tackled some of the most challenging routes known to humankind, including Dawn Wall, El Capitan, a multi-pitch 915m route, which he completed in just 8 days.

He’s also laid claim to numerous world firsts and competition medals, including scaling the world’s first 9b+ route, Change (Flatanger, Norway), and the world’s first 9c route, Silence (Flatanger, Norway).

Needless to say, Adam’s competing in this year’s Olympics and we’re expecting big things from him. While you’re waiting to catch up with the action from Tokyo, watch him in his element here, as he nails the world’s hardest flash*, climbing Super Crackinette, France (9a+).

*In climbing, flashing a route means to climb it on your first try, without any previous practice on the route and without taking any falls. No nudity here, folks, sorry.



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