The Ground-Breaking Rebecca Coles

Rebecca Coles on a Mountain
Photo: Jessie Leong

In Wired For Adventure Volume 17 we got to speak to some of the most amazing adventurers in the world. One of them was mountaineer Rebecca Coles. Montane athlete and UK top 50 most ground-breaking female climbers, Rebecca is forging the path for new climbers no matter where they come from or what their background is.

Enjoy this sneak peek of our exclusive interview with Rebecca and check out the full feature in Wired For Adventure Volume 17.


Scaling New Heights: An Interview With Rebecca Coles

Wired For Adventure: What is it about the mountains that captivates you and keeps you coming back to them?

Rebecca Coles: I like the wide-open space, being out in the elements and disconnecting from the modern world. I like that the mountains don’t discriminate, it’s your skill, knowledge and mindset which dictate what you encounter not any preconceptions about you.

WFA: As the 40th woman to gain the Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor qualification, how do you feel about your role in encouraging and inspiring more women to pursue mountaineering and outdoor adventure?

RC: I think visibility is important and helps people believe the possible roles open to them. Men seeing women in a variety of roles is also important to create open mindedness so that women aren’t denied opportunities.

WFA: You have achieved numerous first ascents in challenging environments like Nepal, South Georgia, and Afghanistan. What drives you to explore these remote and difficult-to-reach areas?

RC: I’m curious about different places, meeting different people and finding out about different cultures as well as about myself. I also enjoy seeing wildlife and different landscapes. Places are often not as difficult to get to as you might think.

Ice ClimbingPhoto: Jessie Leong

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Rebecca is an amazingly impressive and inspiring athlete. She imparts all the wisdom of the mountains in her full interview with us. Find it in Wired For Adventure Volume 17.