Non-stop inspiration: Everest Base Camp

I’m wired for adventure

“After one particularly bad day at work, I was browsing the web and came across a January tour to Everest Base Camp. It was on sale, so I booked it without hesitation,” says adventure-seeker Jamie Crane.

Temperatures can drop to around -25C in Nepal during winter, hence the discount, but Jamie’s foolhardy optimism paid off and he was able to snap this awesome shot while following in the footsteps of Tenzing and Hillary en route to the foot of Mount Everest.

“The trek to base camp is flanked by the world’s highest peaks. Winter really is one of the best times of year to enjoy them – and the quietest. We had the trail virtually to ourselves. We were treated to frozen waterfalls, candyfloss skies, and a blizzard – it was exhilarating to experience the full force of a Himalayan winter! It’s hard to describe the feelings of getting my first glimpse of Everest itself, but I know they’ll stay with me for a very long time. Although you can’t see Everest from base camp, the sense of history and adventure just being there is palpable.”

I’m wired for adventure, are you?
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