Jenny Tough

Montane - Jenny Tough (Jay French @freeridenewzealand)
Montane - Jenny Tough (Jay French @freeridenewzealand)



“To constantly challenge the edges of my comfort zone. Your comfort zone is a fluid line, and every time you reach it, you can move it back a little, making you capable of even more.”

Jenny Tough is an adventure traveller, endurance challenger, and Montane athlete specialising in fast and light expeditions. She has vast experience on all continents in running, trekking, cycling, skiing, paddling, and sailing. Currently living in Edinburgh, she can be mostly found bikepacking around Scotland and abroad, or fastpacking across mountains. She was the first person to run solo and unsupported across The Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan, and the Atlas Mountains in northern Africa, as part of her mission to run across a mountain range on every continent.